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The Generator is a collaborative environment for entrepreneurs, start-ups, business owners, freelance creatives, remote workers and more. The Generator offers several membership tiers for co-working that cater to the needs of different individuals. The Generator also offers meeting rooms / venue hire in our convenient CBD locations in Bundaberg and Gympie.   

Co-work at The Generator Bundaberg: Co-working Space


If you're looking for a collaborative and community driven working environment, coworking at The Generator will help you develop your ideas and vision. The Generator offers memberships that have a raft of inclusions, all for a single fee. Great for working professionals needing after hours workspace, or freelancers who need 24/7 access to a workspace.


Meeting rooms

The Generator offers several meeting room and venue hire options. We have a fully equipped Board Rooms and we offer balcony hire in Bundaberg for media launches, press conferences or afternoon drinks. Additionally, we can hire out our entire Main Spaces for special events (by appointment only). 

Membership Benefits


Free* Access to workshops & Courses

The Generator Coworking Space runs a variety of workshops and events aimed at benefiting local innovators! 

*most memberships have free workshop entry included. Workshops open to the general public often incur a fee. 


Health & Wellness

We believe coworking/remote working/entrepreneurship requires a certain level of focus that only comes with taking care of the mind and body. 

We work with our members to run activities that create a healthy mind, healthy body and healthy work ethic. 

*this may incur a fee. 


Micro-adventures & Networking + more

A big part of The Generator Coworking Space is connecting our community to the right organisations and individuals to help them achieve their vision. We do this via social events and micro-adventures*.

*A micro adventure is: an overnight outdoor adventure that is "small and achievable, for normal people with real lives". 

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