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The Bundaberg Night of Style

The Bundaberg Night of Style

Gather your friends, frock up, enjoy a glass of champagne and delight in our Guest Speakers’ journeys in style.

The Inaugural Bundaberg Night of Style is bringing together people in Bundaberg who appreciate good style.

Funds and awareness raised on the night will go to The Pyjama Foundation.

If you like to look your best or you love admiring the style of others, then you must come along to Bundaberg’s Night of Style.

Enjoy the night listening to our specially selected Guest Speakers, mingling in the Main Hall and on the Balconies of the iconic Heritage Post Office and surrounding yourself with others who love to pick up a copy of Vogue Magazine, delight in going shopping, drooling over their mother's pearls and scheming up their next outfit with some consideration!

Join us, this type of event doesn't happen in Bundaberg very often - if ever! If you've walked down the main street and admired what someone else was wearing and complimented them (or wanted to!) then get your ticket because you appreciate good style and we think you will have a fab time and be in your element at The Bundaberg Night of Style.