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How To Be Your Best You

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Has the fast pace of life dulled your enthusiasm to the point where you no longer feel like trying anymore?Join us to learn the secrets to recovering that inner spark of optimism and vitality that so many of us are lacking these days! World renowned motivational speaker Bruce Sullivan will be hosting two life-changing seminars at the Generator Bundaberg.

The first event, “Your Best You... With the Energy, Attitude and Resilience of a Four Year Old... Almost Every Day!” takes place from 6 pm -8 pm on May 30th. It shows you how to maintain motivation under trying circumstances and even help uplift your teams!

The second event takes place on May 31st from 9am-1pm. It goes beyond helping you to harness your own abilities: it makes it easier for you to communicate or collaborate successfully with others! Have you ever been part of a project that hovered on the verge of disaster from Day 1 due to personality clashes? After attending “How To Live With, Work With and Sell To People Who Are Not Like YOU!” that may be a thing of the past. You’ll learn to build tolerance toward others (and yourself) and create building blocks for leadership and success!

Tickets to the first event cost $49 and tickets for the second cost $99, but if you’re going to both you can make one payment of $135! Visit, call Melissa on 1800 85 86 877 or email to register! We’re looking forward to seeing you attend and step confidently into the rest of your life at full potential!

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