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How to Work With and Sell To People Who Are Not Like YOU!

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Have you ever just met someone and clicked with them straight away?

People naturally like people that are like themselves. The reality is that we have to negotiate, manage, work and live with people that will prefer to energise, take in information, arrive at decisions and live in the world differently to us. The old adage suggests that we should treat people the way that we would want to be treated. That’s great if we meet people that are like us! So what do we do with the other 80% of people that are not like us?

» Building tolerance through understanding yourself and others in your business and family
» Increasing communication effectiveness at work and at home
» Creating a building block for high-performance teams, selling an

Then this is a unique opportunity by world renowned Keynote Speaker, Author and Business Leader, Bruce Sullivan.
Bruce Sullivan is coming to Bundaberg to Bring out the Best in You!

This is the second out of two events and is on 31st May, 9am-1pm at The Generator.

This interactive session will enhance your ability to relate to ALL team members, clients (and family!) and improve your understanding of what each person can bring to your business and life in terms of different styles of thinking.

To register for this seminar and check out more options including the online seminar please visit or please feel free to call Melissa on 1800 85 86 87 or email

Attend both events and get discounts when you buy tickets!

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