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The Pacific Terrific Crew crossing the finish line of The Great Pacific Race. 

In 1928, Bert Hinkler flew into Bundaberg ducking under both bridges (twice) in his Avro Avian landing in North Bundaberg to a hero's welcome.  It's time for Bundaberg to once again celebrate the achievements of one of its constituents who has achieved the impossible.

On the 6th of June Eleanor Carey set out from Monterey, California, with two team mates Cazz Lander and Megan Hoskin, representing Australia in The Great Pacific Race bound for Hawaii. The race would see them spend 62 days, 18 hours, and 36 minutes, crossing the Pacific Ocean in a small boat powered only by the human strength they applied to four oars. Eleanor would be quick to tell you that her aim wasn't to win, but to finish, and in doing so, to set multiple world records by rowing the Pacific Ocean. 
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We invite you to celebrate this great achievement with The Generator Team and Eleanor.
However, please keep it a secret as Eleanor does not know about this. 

2:45pm  with formalities starting at 3pm sharp. 
Light refreshments will be provided.

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A Few Facts

1. More people have been into space than rowed an ocean (in this format).
2. Eleanor is the Youngest Australian to achieve this feat. 
3. The Pacific Terrific crew are the first all female crew of three to achieve this feat.
4. 2428 nautical miles rowed or 4163 kilometres or the equivalent distance from Bundaberg to Perth.
5. 63 days at sea, or 9 weeks, or 2 months without a bed to sleep in.
6. 235 3 hour rowing shifts each or that's 648 hours of rowing.
7. 3 Great White Shark close encounters including a flying Mahi Mahi chased from the ocean & crash landing in the boat. 
8. 3 flying Squid encounters.
9. 2 Hurricane's survived
10. Multiple world records set. 


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